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Leadership Insights & Dialogues is a self-directed leadership reflection and exchange designed to allow you to share, connect and interact with your team in a meaningful way. It is a format that can be added to your team development activities such as team building and team coaching. The intention is to create meaningful dialogues.


_Our Leadership Insights & Dialogues are based on the following principles:​

_Pre-created videos, frameworks and guidebooks activate self-reflection and leadership insights

_Flexibility to decide the extent of pre-reading and self-reflection you wish to engage in 




In Leadership Insightswe guide you through a personalized coaching process.



In Leadership Dialogues, we leverage collective intelligence and foster conversations. You can use the content to facilitate meaningful leadership discussions. Self-directed while using a proven process.



Choose from the themes below to engage in a meaningful and autonomous dialogue with your team. Or use one or more of these themes for your personal coaching journey.


Well-being & Resilience

Well-being and resilience enable us to lead in a sustainable and meaningful way in times of change, crisis and challenge. Identify and analyze the strengths needed to achieve well-being and behave resiliently, create personal leadership insights, and discuss strategies for well-being in your teams and organization.


Impactful Communication

Effective communication – the art of influencing others and building trust through effective listening – is often identified as one of the most critical skills in an organization. Communication enhances the value you bring to your company. But what is effective communication and how do you cultivate it? This discussion will take you through some of the most effective strategies.



The success of your career and relationships depends on how well you manage yourself. The key to self-management is self-awareness. It is linked to your ability to act confidently, to show understanding and to gain the support of others. Discover your personal preferences, patterns and mind traps and explore self-awareness strategies that are key to your success.


Emotional Intelligence
People call emotional intelligence a soft skill when in fact it is the hardest part of great leadership and the biggest contributor to team success. This dialogue examines and explains its importance and provides powerful tools and strategies for improving emotional intelligence in yourself and others.


Creativity & Innovation
Our lives are disrupted by pandemics, global warming, wars, political chaos, and technological innovations. We need to prepare ourselves for an unpredictable and unknown future. Creativity and innovation help us to think outside the box, explore the unknown and develop new strategies for success.


Personal Effectiveness
Leaders must leverage their talents, strengths, energy, and time effectively to ensure the daily success of their businesses. On their way to success, they face difficulties not only in achieving their professional goals but also in maintaining a balance between their professional and private lives. This dialogue will make you think about the different goals and priorities in life that impact your effectiveness at work.


Feedback & Recognition
The most effective teams are those that have an open feedback and recognition culture. Therefore, it is important to use formal and informal moments to provide feedback and recognition as often as possible. This dialogue will help you to develop the necessary skills for clear feedback communication.


Strength-Based Leadership
What goals could you achieve if you used your strengths instead of worrying about your weaknesses? This dialogue on strengths-based leadership will show you how to build on your strengths and build on what works well. It will also assist you in recognizing and leveraging the strengths of your team members, enabling you to harness their diversity and maximize their contributions.


Motivation & Goal Achievemen

To remain competitive, you need to lead people to boost high performance. This discussion will walk you through proven strategies to build and manage high-performing teams. Based on the latest research on motivation and goal achievement, you will discover how to ensure everyone is working together toward the same goals, and how to increase productivity and boost high performance in individuals and teams. 


Authentic Leadership
The word authenticity is being adopted by organizational cultures around the world. We are seeing a growing demand for authenticity from leaders at all levels in an unstable and uncertain world. This dialogue will give you the tools you need to leverage the power of who you are to expand your sphere of influence in your organizations.

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